Understanding Money, Time, and Knowledge

I believe a strong part of someone’s success is their self education. You learn many things from schooling, what your parents tell you, and consuming internet content. But the education, the knowledge that matters the most is the knowledge you gain from self education. Self education is the most effective form of education because it’s something you asked for. It’s especially effective if you gather it from a mentor—a person there who has been through what you’re going through who can answer any question and give you advice you didn’t know you needed.

Everything around us is a teacher from parents, tv, the Internet, billboard signs, friends, even this video I’m posting. But self education—especially experiential—is the most effective. Although effective, self education is hard because there’s no one telling us we need to learn or what to learn for ourselves. We have to motivate ourselves to get up and do it. It can be hard at times, but when we do it, it’s worth it, especially when it sticks.

To make it stick, one must learn how they learn best. For instance, I learn by seeing, listening, or watching a video—which is essentially seeing and reading. I also learn well but slowly by reading, which I enjoy doing, so I’m okay with it. Because I know that, I know how to teach myself best as teachers did when learning how their students learn best in classes. Did you take online classes? Did you learn how to do assignments through YouTube videos? From tutors? Did you even attend class and still manage to pass? Answering those questions is a good start to finding out how to get that knowledge to stick.

Knowledge, is a treasure of ours no one can take away from us. It can only be shared and recorded. It’s our own version of value. People say money is time, and time is money. Those two are true, but the third element in that idea is knowledge. Knowledge is time, and knowledge is money! Don’t forget that: knowledge is time, knowledge is money, therefore, and conversely, money is knowledge, and time is knowledge. Investing in yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make to have a brighter future. What you can do with yourself if you know how is where your true potential lies, and with that potential, you an go as far as you’d like. Google is only a few clicks away. Ask how anything is done, and you will receive your solution. It may not be the exact one you want right away, but keep searching, and you’ll come across something. I promise. In this day in age, almost no question or problem can’t be solved by leveraging the power of the internet.

This is why I say your most valuable resource is YOU.

This idea came to me shortly after attending a seminar here in the Atlanta area known as the Internet Marketing Freedom. This was a 2 hour workshop that gave me principles, resources, and action steps I needed to take in order to become the successful person with my online business affairs. It revealed all the secrets, resources and principles needed to have an online business succeed with affiliate marketing as the general skill to build on it. It took about 2 hours for the event to be over, and it change A LOT for me. I got to speak to the leader of the IMF. His name was Russell Whitney. Speaking to him for 2 minutes gave me enough knowledge about affiliate marketing than I’ve learned in the past 2 months. He also built my motivation up. Today, I post motivational content DAILY! It motivates others and it motivates me. I may not have many followers, but I do have a lot of great content. If you haven’t, check out my social media page and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading guys. I hope you found some value from my words.

Best of luck,


P.S. For more information about the IMF and if it’s happening in your area, click the image below.


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