How To Find Out What We Want

So how do we find out what we want? This process can take a long time because we only have 1 life, and there’s only so much we can do as humans. Some of us get fearful of thinking about “that one thing we want” because that means we have to commit to “that one thing” forever. What if we want to change? I get that.

Some of us are dynamic by nature and change what we do. Something I’ve learned is it doesn’t matter how what exactly we do. What matters is how it makes us feel. Action is more so guided by emotions that it is intellect and reason. An example of that is doing something that makes a lot of money, but not being happy while doing it. The converse is what more of us would do, and that’s doing something that makes you happy, but not having a lot of money.

So lets get into it, what are the 5 things you can do today that can help you find out what it is you want to and BECAUSE OF how it makes you feel?

1. Find out what you can talk about effortlessly.

Talk to a friend, or even yourself. Pay attention to what you can go on and on about while using little brain power, and little effort, and feel easy talking about. Take me for example, I like to talk about space and the universe. I also love to talk about cameras. It’s interested me since I was a child. What about you?

2. Listen to what people tell you you’re good at doing.

If you’re good at something, people will often tell you. It won’t always stand out to you because it’s something you’ve always done like a second nature. You may be very smart and articulate with your words, or have a knack for drawing. The fact is all of us have an untapped creative potential that others find mind blowing, literally the most amazing thing in the world. Keep an ear out for those things. They may be hard to guess alone because you may think so little of these gifts. Try to get an outside perspective.

3. If money were no object, what would you do with it?

Go to the store, or to a local mall, or your favorite shop. It can even be a car dealership, or a very specialized retail market like a makeup store or bike shop. Pay attention to what you eyeball the most. While doing it, don’t look at the price. Just assume everything cost’s $1. Doing this will really sort out your true values and desires, because you may start considering not how much something costs, but how owning something will make you feel.

4. What puts you at the most ease?

What is it you do that makes you feel the most relaxed? What allows you to take that sigh of relief while you’re doing it? What gives you that breath of breath of freedom when you embark on it? For example, I feel that way when I am reading, writing, taking snapshots, or sitting down at a local park. I even feel that way when I’m casually riding along on my bicycle. DO NOT confuse this with what makes you feel bette! Being put at ease or realizing satisfaction does make you feel better, yes. But also, getting back at someone, developing a self-destructive habit, or participating in acts of a vice also does, but what will those things really solve? Being put at ease means it’s something that makes your nerves settle, feel less anxious, sleep well, think more clearly, and feel more refreshed than you do on most days. Find those…

5. If you started today, would it matter 10 years from now?

Would it matter in 10 years, and I mean really matter? What will give you the lasting impact, the least regret, the most settlement, the happiest memories? Not just for yourself, but for others your actions and efforts touch? The true way to immortality is leaving behind a legacy, things that people will remember for the rest of their lives. We fortunately all have the ability to project actions into the future. If you knew you were stuck doing something, or being a part of something, for the next 10 years, would it still matter to you the 11th year?

Final thoughts

[custom_blockquote style=”black”]”Know thyself” -Socrates[/custom_blockquote]

Now, to be clear, these aren’t guaranteed to teach you about yourself to find out what it is you want to do, but it’s at least a start. As the simple saying goes, “know thyself”. I don’t know how you learn, but if this blog post has taught you anything, than maybe you learn well from reading. If not, perhaps the video version of this blog post will help you out.

Also, real quick, after reading this blog post, you can go check out my article going in depth about why we don’t get what we want by clicking here. You may have found this article by clicking on a link there. If so, great job, and I hope you find value in reading that post.

I wish the best of luck to you.


To your success,



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