Becoming Rich Is A Process

Becoming rich doesn’t just happen—get rich quick doesn’t exist. Becoming a great painter doesn’t just happen. Becoming the world’s fastest runner doesn’t just happen. Being a good parent doesn’t just happen. It’ possible it can just happen, but 99.9% of the time, it doesn’t. It’s all part of the road you take to get there that makes it happen. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It wasn’t. So how was it built? Over a period of time with small actionable goals being accomplished first progressively to fulfill completion.


This journey is called the PROCESS. The process we go through to get where we want to be matters more than reaching the ultimate goal. Why? Because the goal occurs as a consequence of the process. Before a man runs a mile in under 4 minutes, he has to master running a mile in under 5 minutes. Even so before that, he has to master running a mile in under 6 minutes. Before a man writes a great book, he must have written smaller entries in a journal or personal blog. He doesn’t have to be a perfect writer or have gone to college to be a literature arts major. He simply must be willing to be better at writing valuable content until he can write a book.


This is an ironic part of success because most people know about it, they just don’t practice it. They say they’ll do something, start it, but never finish because they don’t understand that. I can’t stress it enough. The process, have it be step by step or ever gradual, matters more than the goal. Reaching the goal before your process runs its course can make the goal unappreciated or not last very long. Really. One million dollars you “earned” will be gone in a few months to a year. A bad habit you “broke out of” will return in a few hours. No process, no benefits of the event.


We hear all the time about people who have incredible things happen to them. Getting engaged, admission to a prestigious college, getting a job, winning an award, reaching a certain net worth. The list goes on. These are called EVENTS. They happen instantaneously. Crossing 1 million dollars, finishing a lap around the Nurburgring in 6 minutes and 44 seconds, the woman of your dreams saying yes, all of these take place in an instant. They all sound great by themselves, but what does it take to achieve such events? When we hear about them, it’s easy to get inspired to act. Then we start on our way to achieve that one single goal ourselves. We even do everything right. Then we get disappointed because we’re getting nowhere.


It’s important to understand that in the pursuit of a goal, it’s not as cut-and-dry as doing one “simple” thing to make one thing happen. In most cases, it’s a series of achieved goals that lead up to one big goal. The events. Consequences of the process. This applies to anything and everything.

  • Someone starting an online e-commerce store now earning over 1 million dollars per day.
  • Someone writing a New York Times best seller teaching how to work only 4 hours a week.
  • Someone winning 8 olympic gold medals for swimming.
  • Someone becoming president of the United States with an entire nation against him.
  • Someone writing a blog post about how much the process matters.

DO these events sound familiar? All these are consequences of a process.

Ask any successful person how they went on to achieve the success they have. They’ll likely tell you reaching their goal involved a series of smaller accomplishments. They’ll tell you about the small goals they reached first before even acknowledging the big event. That’s what separates the starters and the finishers.


This can be read in more detail in my blog post about how to get it done. To get it done, you have to break your goal up into steps. Write down your big goal. Then reverse engineer what your goal requires to reach it. That means you will be responsible for understanding and solving what you need to get to the higher level you want. Write down one result based goal, and break it up into actionable steps. Make them practically doable within your means. If you get stuck, trust the process. Trust it. They have to make progress towards the actual goal itself.

Keep up the good work. And remember, you’re a few moments away from your big moment.




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