Your Habits and How They Relate To Your Business

What Your Business is VS. Who Your Business Is…

The great divide in life as entrepreneurs is the line drawn between our personal lives and our business lives. But believe it or not, after much reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that your business and your personal life have much to do with each other. In fact, I’ll be so bold as to say that your business is a direct reflection of YOU! It’s your ideas put out in the world that you trade other peoples value for in exchange for your products and services. Let me explain.

You Habits EQUAL Your Business.

Your business is like your child. Whatever habits, principles, and practices you have, that’s exactly what your business is going to have as well. If you are a shady and deceitful person, you will have a shady and deceitful business. If you are an honest and upright person, you will have an honest and upright business. Think about how you, the CEO of a business, need to operate your business. You have decisions to make, risks to take, people to direct, goals to hit, and results to achieve. Your outputs are just as good as your inputs. Now keep that in mind, and let’s ask some questions about your personal life.

  1. What kind of decisions do you make? Are they deceitful, manipulative, and deceptive? Or are they honest, righteous, and fair?
  2. Why do you make the decisions you make? For a purpose, or just ’cause?
  3. Are you organized with your time for productivity, or do you do things as you please when you please with no set schedule?
  4. What do you spend your money on most? Investments or purchases?
  5. Do you love and appreciate yourself and what you do, or do you hate what you do and find yourself miserable all the time?

These questions are very important. Whenever I look at my life holistically, I try to see everything from a perspective of my tendencies–or in other words, I observe me habits. I know that if my habits are bad, my business will be bad. If I like to waste time, that’s what I will do in business. If I justify lying to and deceiving someone in my personal life, I will do the same in business. If I don’t try to improve myself in my personal life, I will probably not try to improve my business and stay in the same comfortable place forever.

Mindset Matters!!

If you ever wondered why most good business books talk about mindset before any actual business content, it’s because your mindset is the most important part of raising a business! YOU are the key factor in the businesses failure or success. Your business rides on your minds ability to handle things such as lack, loss, resilience, problem solving, customer service, selling, use of resources, and much more. If your mind isn’t set up to handle that, you may fail.

So before business activities commence, remember, you have to have the mindset to handle it. Business success is more than just someone giving you their money. It’s everything in you and and everything around your money.


No go and take action, and be about your life as you’d want your business to be about you.!


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