A Story About Me

For Those Who Don’t Know Me, Here’s More

I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, also known as the garden city. Ever since I was little, I knew there was something I was destined to do. Some challenge I was meant to face. At a young age, I would fight that challenge, but never really had the resources to do it.

As I got older, the same challenge was offered to me in many ways, shapes, and forms, but I failed not only myself, but the opportunities because I BELIEVED I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t take the pressure and accept the truth that inside of me, I am destined for something far beyond my reach, and it’s going to be hard, whether I like it or not.

In my older age, I am finally lucky enough to realize those resources, and am blessed to finally achieve what I asked for. As Earl Nightingale said, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you” I asked, but I also demanded. When a door of requested opportunity opens up, saying no to it means you say yes to something less important. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Every Entrepreneurs “Ah HA!” Moment

It wasn’t until I was 26 that I finally found a viable opportunity that could take me farther than I ever really imagined. After failing my calling in the past, of course I was skeptical. Back in the past, I let circumstances, and other personal issues get in the way. It was all my mindset that let me down and what I allowed my circumstances to do to me.

But this time, I was determined too make it work. The only difference about this time was, I had more knowledge about HOW to do it. Because of my knowledge I now had, I knew I could reach as far as I said I could reach. Had I had a MENTOR who told me that it was as simple, but not easy, as my mindset changing, I would have been better off.

And if you’ve made it this far reading this, I bet you know that it’s not easy pulling off what the affluent and successful do, is it? It requires dedication, self-motivation, and a whole lot of resilience.

Ignore what people say!!!

People will tell you can’t, and they may hate you, but you have to keep going in the face of discouragement. People ask why even do it, and you silently wonder why they don’t.

Tai Lopez says at first, people will ignore you, then they’ll laugh at you, then they’ll hate you, and then they’ll love you. It’s true.

It doesn’t matter. They don’t matter. All that matters is that you grind. Grind like yesterday never happened, and tomorrow is everything. Right now, it’s time to take action. There’s no better time than now.

Everyone Wants To Know “HOW?!”

How you ask? It doesn’t matter how. If you know why you want it bad it enough, that’s all you need, and how to do it will come along with it. It’s scary, yeah. But not to you.

That’s what I’m here to teach and preach through my reach. i want you all to know it’s possible. I want you all to know it’s not a stupid idea if means that much to you. I want you to know that people always try to stop you, but only you can stop you.

Henry David Thoreau quoted it best: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”. If you’re not going that way, than what are you doing? Dig deep as to why you’re not doing what your heart yearns to.

A quote that sticks closely with me is this: “Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career.” Your life is yours.

You got this. You can do this. Just like I knew since I was a little kid playing on monkey bars and not listening to school lessons, I can do anything I set out to do.

Because you’re here, so can you.

Here’s to your success🍻



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