5 Best VPN’s For Tiktok – Prepare For The US Ban

As of March 13, 2024, the US Senate passed legislation to have Tiktok banned in the US. With a blowout vote of 352 supporters to a small 65 opposers in the house. This doesn’t mean Tiktok is going away, it just means it’s getting banned in the US.

How To Speed Up A Slow Website

Nowadays it’s super important to have a really fast website. A fast website not only helps your website retain visitors and improve your search engine rankings, but it also increases the likelihood your visitor will take the desired action on your site. I spent years understanding how to get a fast website and I wanted […]

A Story About Me

For Those Who Don’t Know Me, Here’s More I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, also known as the garden city. Ever since I was little, I knew there was something I was destined to do. Some challenge I was meant to face. At a young age, I would fight that challenge, but never […]

Your Habits and How They Relate To Your Business

What Your Business is VS. Who Your Business Is… The great divide in life as entrepreneurs is the line drawn between our personal lives and our business lives. But believe it or not, after much reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that your business and your personal life have much to do with each other. […]

What You Need To Know About Ideas

You Have An Idea, Huh? That’s cool… You ideas are important. They mold the way you view the world. They form your identity. They motivate you into action. We as business owners and entrepreneurs need to have some exciting and creative thing we wish to bring to the world. You know, that startup, that product, […]

Your Attitude – Are You A Victim Or Victor?

You need to check your attitude!! Are you someone who makes excuses and blames everyone and everything for something happening? Are you someone who chooses to have a good attitude even in bad situations and takes responsibility for your reactions? Are you a proactive person or a reactive person? Life is a series of decisions, […]

The 10 Labors Of Online Entrepreneurs

You’re Online Now!!! As an online entrepreneur, there are tasks we will eventually be subject to because of the territory you’ve chosen. Some are more inevitable than others, So I’ve compiled a list of the top 10. These are the 10 labors of online entrepreneurs. If any of these you have not had to experience […]

Becoming Rich Is A Process

Becoming rich doesn’t just happen—get rich quick doesn’t exist. Becoming a great painter doesn’t just happen. Becoming the world’s fastest runner doesn’t just happen. Being a good parent doesn’t just happen. It’ possible it can just happen, but 99.9% of the time, it doesn’t. It’s all part of the road you take to get there […]

Understanding Money, Time, and Knowledge

I believe a strong part of someone’s success is their self education. You learn many things from schooling, what your parents tell you, and consuming internet content. But the education, the knowledge that matters the most is the knowledge you gain from self education. Self education is the most effective form of education because it’s […]

How To Find Out What We Want

So how do we find out what we want? This process can take a long time because we only have 1 life, and there’s only so much we can do as humans. Some of us get fearful of thinking about “that one thing we want” because that means we have to commit to “that one […]

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