Your Attitude – Are You A Victim Or Victor?


You need to check your attitude!!

Are you someone who makes excuses and blames everyone and everything for something happening? Are you someone who chooses to have a good attitude even in bad situations and takes responsibility for your reactions? Are you a proactive person or a reactive person?

Life is a series of decisions, and with those decisions, consequences and circumstances that come with them. These consequences and circumstances can either be good or bad. But how we react to them can be the difference between if it’s a good outcome or a bad outcome.

You see, there’s a dangerous disease out there all victims have, and it’s spread pretty easily. It’s called victimitus and you might already have it.

Victimitus is the belief that everyone is out to get you, nothing is for you, and everything bad that happens is someone or something elses fault. Symptoms include crushed dreams, lost hope, lack of motivation, and loss of initiative, just to name a few.

The victims favorite game to play is called the blame game. They love pointing fingers when their life is in shambles. When they point a finger, they have three fingers pointing right back at them. Besides, when it comes to the blame game, who has ever actually won that game? No one, that’s who. And if you think you have, this next section is for you.

Look, lets face it. Real life happens. Some things happen that are in our control like where we choose to work or who we’re friends with, and some happen that are out of our control like being rear ended or it starting to rain. But how we react to said events is the single most important part. Blaming someone or something else won’t help. If a bad outcome happens, don’t complain about the outcome itself. What you should focus on is what you can do about it.

This is how we combat this treacherous disease. Adopt the victor mindset.

A Victor is someone who takes control of their life’s circumstances and chooses to make the best of what they are given. Good or bad, they take responsibility of how they react to their situation and how they use the resources they can avail.

They understand that no matter how far off their expectation of the outcome was to a decision, or even how good or bad their luck might be, they still choose the high road with their attitude.

Things turn out the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. This is the victors motto. Came in third place in a race? See where you can improve and congratulate the winner. Monthly income was short? Measure your business’s performance and analyze where you need to grow, change, or improve in your company. Is your coworker being rude? Ignore them, cordially confront them, or in some cases, avoid and pray for them. Chances are they are a victim of something much worse than their rudeness byproduct.

So which one are you? The victim or the victor? Think about what changes you can make today to get closer to the victor mindset and further away from the victim mindset. Cure that victimitus with a good dose of successocilin every day. Side effects may include better sleep, higher quality of life, and doubling your income.

It’s true. Audit your attitude, and see where it takes you.

Talk soon!



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